London’s Leading Blow Dry Bar
About the client

London's leading blow dry bar based in Chelsea, Mayfair, Islington and Soho; providing fabulous blow dries, updos and manicures. Their stunning salons are known for great hair and a great time. The main services: hairstyling, manicures, events and private hires.

Our role

Our task was to create an app's UI/UX design that would perfectly match the brand guidelines, be easy to use, and meet the end user's needs: choosing a salon, selecting services, and booking a session. As well as registering an account and viewing reservations.

Design process

UX Discovery

The first thing we did was to study the product. We tested hypotheses how people would use the app and what features should be prioritized.

UI/UX design

During the design phase, we focused on designing a simple yet attractive interface that would be intuitive and in line with the trends.


Prototyping makes developers' work much easier, saves time, and helps to quickly correct any errors before the application is developed.

User flow

The UX of the app was designed to be rather simplistic and intuitive. We defined a simple customer journey for booking the services and additional functionalities.


The main function of the application is the booking a visit. First of all, the potential visitor is offered to choose one of the 3 beauty bars located in different areas of London and then to choose the services.
Choosing a salon
Choosing a service

Details and confirmation

After selecting services the user should choose the time of the visit and if necessary to add a comment so that the administration of the salon can take into account all the wishes of the visitor.


We tried to simplify the authentication process, but at the same time to keep more contact details to use it to remind of the visit and immediately create a personal profile to manage bookings.


Separate screen to check all bookings and change the details of the visit or cancel it.


Simple profile screen to edit contact information and password.


The salon offers the bundles for several subsequent visits. For example, «blow dry bundle x3» offers  3 visits and get free prosecco on each visit + free nourishing treatment.

Style Guide

We always provide a UI Kit with all components of UI/UX design. In case new functionality is added to the application, this is a necessary component for the scalability and integrity of the product.
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